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Teen & Adult Taekwondo

Our adult taekwondo classes are designed to provide both mental and physical training. Our motto in this program is “Strong Bodies and Clear Minds.”

We provide world-class martial arts classes designed for teens and adults looking for recreational training as well as those looking to become world-class competitors in Taekwondo.

Our focus is to help our students tap into their maximum physical and mental potential.

Physically, students can expect to get into amazing shape, lose weight, gain flexibility and develop strength all while learning the martial arts and self defense. Mentally, one will become more goal oriented, self confident, and disciplined.

Each class starts with a warm-up, followed by instruction and practice in kicking, punching, blocking and poomsae (a fixed series of movements for learning defensive and offensive techniques). Students also practice sparring, board breaking and weapons. You don’t need any prior experience, and we welcome students of all ages and fitness levels.

THE STUDIO is proud to be a member of the United World Taekwondo Association (UWTA) and to teach Kukkiwon-style poomsae. To learn more about taekwondo and our affiliation with the UWTA, Kukkiwon and Moo Duk Kwan, please visit our “What is Taekwondo?” page.

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Soon after joining THE STUDIO and doing ACKC (cardio kickboxing), I was interested in doing Tae Kwon Do. I wanted to learn the art of self-defense. I had taken a few self-defense classes over the years, but I always forgot it. I was a typical teen back than, nothing will ever happen to me. Nothing has ever happened but I wanted to be able to protect myself. I also just wanted to try something new and to challenge myself. When I first inquired about Tae Kwon Do I was very timid about asking about it. I became very nervous and could not quite express myself. I don’t think the instructor took me very seriously. I wouldn’t have either. Despite the uncertainty I started my journey in June 2010. I had no idea what I was in for. I have learned more about myself and what I am capable of. Tae Kwon Do recite 5 words every class; courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit. These words have affected me in ways I never thought possible. First of all, I find my self-being courtesy to every person I meet, not that I was not before but even more now. I find my self saying yes or no ma’am or sir, whichever the case maybe. The second word is integrity and has affected me the most. I find myself being more honest with myself thus in turn being more honesty with my family and friends. The third word is perseverance. I am a graduate student at Sacramento State and throughout my education I have had to persevere to achieve my goal of graduating or getting to the next grade level. I have a learning disability but I have never let this slow me down. The next word is self-control. I feel that I am still learning this one. I have not mastered the concept of controlling my actions or reactions to something. For example talking to authority figures such as professors or instructors I get very nervous and timid. I also get quite emotional not knowing what exactly I am trying to say. I feel that this tenet I need the most work on. Finally indomitable spirit, spirit I have and no matter what I am doing I give all of myself to it. There are moments in my life where I have wanted to through my hands up and say I give up but I have never been one to give up. I will try and try and try again until I get it.

Throughout these 9 months I have improved my body image not only by becoming more physical stronger and slimmer but mentally stronger as well. The staff at THE STUDIO is the best and truly has changed my life. – Lindsey L.