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Basic Taekwondo Terminology

taekwondo black belt classStudents studying taekwondo will be exposed to a variety of Korean words and phrases. Here are some of the basic commands and stances.

Cha-ryet (Attention)

Both feet together. Hands at your sides in fist. Don’t move! Eyes straight ahead. Chin slightly tucked in.

 Kyung-Nae (Bow)

From Cha-ryet, bow from the waist at a 45-degree angle. Eyes are forward.

Joon-Bee (Ready Stance)

From Cha-ryet, make fists with hands, thumbs in between first and second knuckles. Move fists together to chest (fingers facing chest). Move the left foot out to side at shoulder width at the same time you slowly press down.

Joochoom Seogi (Middle or Horse Riding Stance)

Feet shoulder width apart. Step with the left foot to the side with feet and shoulders facing forward. Both knees slightly bent with your weight evenly distributed on both feet.

Ahpkoobi (Forward Stance)

From Joon-Bee, step forward with your left foot. Land with your feet shoulder width apart, left heel should be lined up with the right toe. Your back foot should have 60% balance while your front foot has 40% balance. Shoulders are at slight angle.

Dwitkoobi (Back Stance)

From Joon-Bee, cross hands and step forward with your left foot. As your foot touches down, left arm middle blocks. At the same time, back foot goes out to 90-degree angle, and 70% balance is on the back leg. Left arm and chest are straight forward. Right arm is in the home position at side, fist up.



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