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12 Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

benefits of martial arts for kids

Image used with permission of Championsway.com

There are many reasons to study the martial arts. Here are 12 benefits for kids.


1) Learn Respect

In the dojo or dojang, young students learn to bow to their instructor and to their opponents. Respect is instilled from the very first lesson.

2) Instill Discipline

Overcoming obstacles and achieving the unthinkable requires extreme self-control and the ability to focus on the long-term.

3) Build Confidence

Progressing through ranks and achieving mental, physical and emotional growth builds confidence in children of all ages.

4) Focus & Attention Span

Martial arts teaches proper breathing techniques and a state of awareness that hones focus in even the most hyperactive of children.

5) Self Defense & Personal Safety

Bullying awareness and defense against predators empowers children and can even save lives.

6) Deal with Anxiety & Stress

Effective breathing techniques, structure, focus and improved concentration allow young martial arts students to calmly deal with stress.

7) Teamwork & Social Skills

Training as a team and participating in team-based curricular activities help build character and essential social skills in children.

8) Health & Fitness

Developing as a martial artist requires dedication to fitness. It is an effective way to combat obesity and encourage healthy eating.

9) Conflict Resolution

While it may seem counter-intuitive, most martial arts teach children how to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence.

10) Balance & Posture

Poor balance and posture can lead to cramped organs and other unhealthy developments. Focus on these areas also improves fighting technique.

11) Coordination

Focusing on body awareness and breathing helps develop coordination allowing children to excel in many other activities.

12) Memorization

The memory and retention drills students go through develop memorization that benefits children in school and in their day-to-day life.


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