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Self Defense Class for Women and Men

Self defense is an important skill for everyone, and this class will teach you how to identify threats, defend yourself, and make it home safely to your family.

Our self defense class for women and men focuses on survival skills for common situations. You’ll learn techniques for defending against multiple attackers or attackers using weapons, overcoming the disparity of size, and fighting from the ground. You’ll also learn how to use and construct common items into improvised defensive weapons. We blend reality-based systems (Krav Maga) with traditional arts such as Jiu-Jitsu and Taekwondo to give you the skills you need to survive.

This class is open to all women, men and children age 13 years and older, and it’s designed so that you can join the class at any time, without any prior self defense skills or experience. The more classes you attend, the more self defense knowledge you’ll gain.

Check our class schedule for current times and dates or give us a call at 916-258-5425 for more information.

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