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Wise Warriors Non-Contact Martial Arts for Ages 50+ or Injured

Are you thinking of beginning your martial arts journey in your 50s, 60s, or beyond? It’s never too late to start!

Our Wise Warriors program is specifically designed for students looking to exercise both body and mind in a supportive group environment without the risk of injury due to contact. Wise Warriors classes accommodate students who find physical activity a little more demanding, or those with physical constraints due to age, health, injury, or mobility.

Martial arts for seniors is an excellent way to keep your body strong, joints supple, muscles toned, heart healthy, and mind sharp while you learn practical self-defense skills — and earn your Black Belt!

Among other benefits, students will experience improved core strength, muscle tone, flexibility, and stamina, as well as coordination, balance, posture, and gait. You’ll also boost your mental strength, memory, and self-confidence.

Come and experience the enjoyment of learning something new later in life while you grow stronger, both physically and mentally!

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“I was a little unsure of the idea of starting martial arts, maybe because of the phase or age of my life. It has been a physical and mental challenge which I think everyone needs. It takes discipline and commitment which will help to strengthen the body and mind.”
– Jerie S.

Being in the Wise Warriors martial arts class and getting my black belt has help me restore my self confidence and has kept me motivated mentally and physically. – Linda C.


Wise Warriors on Good Day Sacramento, 2018

Wise Warrior at the UWTA Black Belt Testing

Wise Warriors on Sac & Co, 2018

  Wise Warriors on Good Day Sacramento, 2013



Wise Warriors in “Active” Magazine

Never Too Late for Martial Arts! Seniors earning Black Belts, staying active. Gold Country Media “Active” (March 2013). Click here to download and read the article! (PDF format)

2013 So. Placer Active


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