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Super Kids Taekwondo (Ages 6–13)

Our Super Kids Taekwondo class is a robust program blending personal development skills such as leadership, discipline, focus, and goal setting with a traditional art form that incorporates physical fitness, self defense, and safety. Taekwondo keeps kids challenged while encouraging mental fortitude, teaching them that consistency equals achievement. It will help prepare kids for future sports or pursuits of greater difficulty. Plus it’s a fun activity that kids can participate in year-round!

In class, kids will learn the proper techniques for becoming successful martial artists, including kicks, blocks, punches, sparring, and poomsae (also called forms, a predefined series of movements). As they earn their way up the color belt ranks on their way to becoming a Black Belt, kids will demonstrate their newly-developed skills and learn safe techniques for board breaking.

In addition to mastering martial arts techniques, kids will study the traditional Taekwondo virtues of respect, integrity, discipline, compassion, camaraderie, perseverance, loyalty, and pilsung (personal victory). Our kids’ taekwondo classes focus on teaching important values and concepts including honesty, responsibility, and teamwork. They’ll learn what these words mean and how to put them into practice in their own lives.

Kids Taekwondo provides numerous benefits, including:

• Increased cardiovascular health, stamina, and muscle strength • Improved coordination, agility, flexibility, balance, and timing • Development of self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-control • Development of goal-setting skills and initiative • Development of consistency skills and perseverance • Improved concentration, retention, and self-discipline • Increased socialization and communication skills

We teach kids that hard work is rewarded with accomplishment. Our motto is “sweat plus sacrifice equals success.” Mix all this together with some good old-fashioned fun and we create “Super Taekwondo Kids.”

THE STUDIO is a member of the United Taekwondo Association (UWTA). An approved Kukkiwon school, we teach Kukkiwon poomsae (forms). Visit our “What is Taekwondo?” page to learn more.

To learn more about Super Kids Taekwondo, watch our videos below, call us at (916) 258-KICK, or click “Try a Free Class” below to get started.

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THE STUDIO offers private taekwondo lessons for children of all ages and abilities. Our amazing instructors are knowledgeable, patient, and fun! We can design a personalized training program to best suit your child’s needs while keeping them engaged, enjoying themselves, and learning martial arts principles. Private lessons with an experienced instructor can help your child thrive, whether they need one-on-one time to learn and master new material, personalized attention due to special needs, or extra practice outside of the group environment. Or perhaps your child would like to compete at a national or even Olympic level. Private kids’ taekwondo lessons with our highly-trained, accomplished instructors can help them reach the highest level of competition. For more information about our private lessons, please call (916) 258-5425.


What strikes me most is that the kids are really seen for who they are, the good and the imperfections, which is really important in developing and changing character. Not only is the quality of instruction solid, but the development of the kids as people is awesome.- Stacey J.