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Super Kids Taekwondo (Ages 6–13)

The Super Kids taekwondo class blends martial arts training with individual growth and development in all areas of life. This program is a great healthy way for kids to get exercise while learning valuable life skills.

Taekwondo skills that kids will learn include kicks, blocks, punches, and poomsae (or standardized forms). Kids will also learn self defense techniques. As they climb up the ranks of color belts, they will also learn safe techniques for board breaking.

In addition to learning these martial arts techniques, kids will receive in-class focus on the traditional Taekwondo virtues of courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, and indomitable spirit and will learn how to how to apply these values in their daily lives.

We teach them that hard work is rewarded with success. Our motto is “Sweat Plus Sacrifice Equals Success.”

Mix all this together with some good old‑fashioned fun and we create “Super Taekwondo Kids.”

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The Studio is more than a place for Martial Arts. It has become an integral part of developing the character, integrity and success of our community’s kids. Thank you for making a difference with our kids and in our community! – Peg M.



What strikes me most is that the kids are really seen for who they are, the good and the imperfections, which is really important in developing and changing character. Not only is the quality of instruction solid, but the development of the kids as people is awesome.- Stacey J.