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The 2017 UWTA US Nationals & Black Belt Test will be held at Folsom Lake College in Folsom on Friday, March 31 and Saturday, April 1. STUDIO members and the public are invited to attend and cheer on our STUDIO members who are testing for a black belt or competing in the tournament!

Black Belt testing starts at 7 pm Friday night and will feature candidates performing poomsae, test sparring, one-steps, and board breaking. Candidates should arrive by 6 pm for check-in.

The tournament opening ceremonies will be the following morning at 8:45 am, and the competition begins at 9 am. Tournament categories include poomsae, team poomsae, tag team sparring, point sparring, board breaking, Olympic sparring, and one-step sparring. This is a great opportunity to see how skills learned in the classroom translate into real-world action.

Then don’t miss the Black Belt awards ceremony, which will follow the tournament. The ceremony starts at 7 pm Saturday night.

STUDIO members who wish to compete can register online or at THE STUDIO before March 29, or at the door. See the flyer below for more information.

Good luck to all testers and competitors!

2017 UWTA Nationals Taekwondo Tournament