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Couple this class with its sister (Dynamic Stretching and Flexibility) and watch your flexibility and health go through the roof! This class is designed to teach you different stretches and exercises to help maintain a healthy, injury-free body.

You’ll increase your range and motion and feel great after this class!

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Katie Walker and I had been talking about mobility training for awhile. I was really excited to try it. I would do just about anything to relieve the pain. I can’t say enough about what she has done for me. After the first session I had no pain at all. My hips felt brand-new and my legs did also. They still feel that way. My control and flexibility feel awesome. My knee will still need surgery, but for now the pain has subsided and I feel great. It only takes a few minutes of your time and it’s so worth it. No pills, no pain! – Chris S. (64 years old)