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Circuit Training

One of the most effective ways to prevent injury and avoid the dreaded plateau is circuit training.

Our circuit training class combines endurance and strength and leaves no muscle untouched for a total body conditioning class for all fitness levels. You’ll get stronger and improve your cardio health as you work with weights and use your own body weight to get in shape. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle,  tone your body or all three, this is the perfect class.

This is the go-to program to keep your body changing and progressing, and to lessen the opportunity for injury that can come from doing the same workout over and over. Plus, this fitness class gives you an opportunity to do many different exercises each time so you’ll never get bored.

Each class can be modified for anybody of any age or any fitness level. So come join us and experience amazing results!

Please note: Circuit Training is a seasonal class. Contact us or check our latest schedule to see when this class is being offered.

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